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"A public hearing has been scheduled for May 14 in the Majority Caucus Room in the State Capitol Complex in Harrisburg. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 10. We need to pack the room and let our faces (and votes) be seen by the legislators. United we can stand up for the Towing Profession in Pennsylvania. There will be bus transportation from the western end of the state. Here are the details on that:

"The first bus has been reserved for our trip to Harrisburg. We reserved a 55 passenger coach for the first unit. It is important we show support for our legislature and attend the hearings. I hope we will fill two busses.

Please RSVP so we can be sure we have seating. Looks like the bus cost is 60.00 per person.

We will be leaving early on May 14th. I am coordinating with the state representatives on arrival time and when that is confirmed I will let you know a time for departure.

We will be departing from 1000 champion drive, Mercer pa. It is the Hovis Automotive Warehouse location. The address is deceiving in that it seems as though it is in Mercer. The facility is located at the Grove City Exit off of I79 by the Prime Outlets. We provide the Hotel address next door for GPS function. The adjacent hotel address is

2049 Leesburg/grove city Road
Grove City, Pa 16127

We encourage all to attend. This will give our legislature a chance to start the legislature process to address this issue. We want them to realize how important it is to their voter base.

Please visit our Legislative page for new information about the PSP 3rd Party Dispatching Program !!

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News Feed.

Here is an update on the 3rd party dispatch program that we have for you. The following are notes from the meeting that the Towing Association had with PSP and Auto Return:

On December 19th the Pennsylvania Towing Association(PTA) met with the Pennsylvania State Police(PSP) and Auto Return(AR).  Ron Bressler and Shane Staley represented the PTA.  Lt.Wendt, Lt. Krol, and Trooper Matiskella represented PSP.  Ray Krouse represented AR.  The meeting was held to brief the PTA on the Third Party Towing Pilot Program. 
Lt Wendt reiterated that this Pilot program started because PSP wants out of towing.  Lt. Krol told us that he reached out to 24 State Representatives, 9 State Senators and the Committee Chairperson for Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness, briefing them on what PSP was doing with the Towing Pilot Program prior to implementation.
The program has begun in PSP Troop E.  Troop E is comprised of 6 stations: Erie, Corry, Meadville, Franklin, Warren, and Girard.  Erie and Girard stations began the pilot towing program on December 3rd.  As of the 19th, PSP and AR were preparing to bring the Corry and Meadville stations into the Pilot. No information was given on rollout dates for the other 2 Troop E stations.  Ray Krouse confirmed the towers involved with the Pilot were responding on scene within an average of 26 minutes.  Mr. Krouse also told us the AR dispatch system has been running smoothly with no downtime, except for brief system maintenance.
We were told that Troop D will begin the pilot towards the end of January.  PSP will be hosting meetings with all towers on January 3 at the Butler County Community College, 107 College Dr, Butler, PA 16002.  PSP will be hosting two morning sessions with light and medium duty tow companies and an afternoon session with heavy duty towing companies.
PTA raised concerns from several of our members that PSP is “ lowering the bar” for tower qualifications.  We brought to their attention reports of towers that previously would not have met PSP qualifications, now towing for AR.  We expressed concern for safety of the public when untrained towing operators are utilized.  Lt. Wendt indicated that qualification requirements of towers would remain the same as is currently in place with the exception of the requirement that a tower have a roll back and a wrecker.  PSP did not feel the wrecker requirement was necessary.
Shane Staley

Pennsylvania Towers, just to make you aware, the towing association is aware of the 3rd party dispatch program that they are talking about and are working on finding more out about it. More details when available. Please feel free to share with us what you hear by email. Thank You

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